คริมา จิวะชาติ (Karima Chiwachart)
The Reflectionist Image Academy
กรุงเทพมหานคร (Bangkok)
ประเทศไทย​ (Thailand)
Executive Image Consultant / Relationship Coach
About me :
I am a firm believer of the phrase “first impression is the key to your success”, which lead to my interest in fashion, dress code, manner and etiquette. I am a former flight attendant with Thai Airways, with over 15 years of experience. At Thai Airways, I was taught and groomed in manner and etiquette with a Thai touch, which gave a great impression to the passengers, both Thai and foreigner. I graduated with a diploma in fashion design, which allows me to fulfil my dream of glamour up all women with my line of clothing under Karima C. brand. With the “first impression is the key to your success, as it creates more opportunities” belief, I was lucky to be given many business opportunities, and hence proved that image can lead to success. From there, I became interested in image, with the goal to help everyone achieve their target in life. Kicking things off with self-respect through paying attention to own image, resulting in self-assurance and self-esteem, which is an important factor in becoming successful. I am determined to help and improve everyone’s image from inside out, which is a sustainable development from sub-conscious level (NLP - a Euro-Linguistic Program) By allowing me to be a mirror to reflect a better version of yourself, you will love yourself more, respect yourself more, and become happier in life. You will be given an opportunity to go out and take that chance for the success you desire through “Your Self-Image Development."
About my practice :
Training Programs and Services
- Corporate Image Development
- Dress For Success -Professional Communication Skills
- Effective ABC for Customer Engagement
- ABCD Key to Success
- Business Manner and Etiquette
- Fine Dining Etiquette
- Personal Colour Analysis
- Personal Shopper Service
- Wardrobe Consultation
Website :

Facebook : @TheReflectionist.Image

Line ID : @thereflectionist

Email :

Mobile : +66 81 565 5549
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