อานันทินี หงษ์ทอง แพเตอร์สัน (จีนนี่)
Arnunthinie Hongthong Paterson  (Jeanie)
Founder of Rozu Healing
กรุงเทพมหานคร (ฺBangkok)
ประเทศไทย (Thailand)
Reiki Master Teacher


About me :
Jeanie is a certify Reiki Master Teacher , NLP practitioner , Timeline Therapy™ practitioner, Quantum and Lightwork©️ Level 1 , Crystal healing and sound healer. She was born and raised in Thailand, got married travel the world and lived in South of France and Saudi Arabia over decade before moving back to Bangkok. Language spoken Thai, English and French. Jeanie embarked on her spiritual journey in 2014 when she took Reiki Level 1 with her friend and Teacher Melanie Giles aim to be at peace with herself and its spin out to several energy healing courses including Crystal Healing, Aura Reading , Develop Psychic Awareness , Planetary transformation and space clearing etc. A few years later she took another life changing course , Neuro Linguistic Program and Timeline Therapy™ with Dr. Methaya Pomsuwan to understand her teen daughter and how the brain works. The result is much more profound , she learned even more about herself and people around her. Life is much simpler and more resilient. She infused her wisdoms , knowledge and experience in to her sessions and courses. In her free time , you would find her in the book store , library or museum. She loves reading , play with her cat ( and crystals) , cook for family and friends, doing art and crafts of all kind from doodling , painting to mandala to macramé and making more crystal grid.

About my practice :
At Rozu Healing, we looking at Energy Healing as an inner transformation for physical , mental, emotional ,and spiritual wellness. Human were born , transform and evolve all the time, physically and mentally. It’s natural. Students and clients learn Reiki or come to the session to understand more about their lives , their purpose or a chance to evolve , transform or heal themselves and love ones. Some came to find out about repeated pattern either about work , life or love that keep create issue and block the flow of their lives, times and times again. Once they go through healing/inner transformation process to discover root cause and deal with it efficiently, the next time it happened (it will) , it’s no longer create an issue and control their lives anymore. When inner world evolved, outer world follows. Students and clients found my courses and sessions bring soothing energy, wisdom exchange and experience shared. It support their learning and transformation for the highest of healing good for them and for all.

Contact me if you find this message resonate.

Qualification / Modalities / Tools :

Reiki Master Teacher, NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapy™, Light Therapy โดย Quantum and Light Work©️, Crystal Healing, Psychometry, Aura Reading, Planetary transformation and space clearing, Death Doula


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